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Keeping our territory Wheelie clean.

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Welcome Wheelie Clean Bins, where we’re all about keeping your bins and your streets ‘wheelie’ clean.

We’re no ordinary wheelie bin cleaning company because we don’t just clean your bins. We also work to reduce the amount of contamination in streets and waterways, helping minimise bacteria, germs and pests in an environmentally-friendly way.

At Wheelie Clean Bins, we’re:



All of the cleaning products we use are eco-friendly and biodegradable, making them not just safe for you and your bins, but the environment too.


Hygienic & Healthier

When you regularly have your wheelie bins cleaned, you’re making your home and workplace much healthier and hygienic.



Bins often harbour harmful airborne diseases, which is why our cleaners wear masks to prevent inhaling any toxic germs.

No Fuss Bin Cleaning

The best part? When you book our services, we’ll take care of all your bin cleaning needs. Say goodbye to ever having to touch your wheelie bins again.

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Effective & Affordable

Keep your territory wheelie clean for less than .50c a day on our monthly cycle and get your 13th clean FREE!


Nobody likes a dirty bin. Bins are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, not to mention they’re also a haven for pests like ants and maggots.

We offer fast, effective and affordable residential wheelie bin cleaning so you don’t have to do it yourself. You receive pleasant smelling, sanitised, deodorised and exceptionally clean wheelie bins, as well as helping to keep your streets and the environment clean.


As a commercial business, it’s important you maintain a healthy, safe and eco-friendly environment for both your employees and your guests. We get it – running a business is tough going and making sure your bins are clean is probably the last thing on your mind.

Don’t have the time of day to clean your wheelie bins? Good news – we can do it for you. We offer quick, effective and affordable wheelie bin cleaning to help solve your bin hygiene problems.