hassle free bin cleaning.

Wheelie Clean Bins takes away the hassle of cleaning your wheelie bins, giving your bins an efficient, effective and high-grade clean. If you’re looking for a ‘wheelie’ good wheelie bin cleaning service, stop right here


Wheelie Clean Bins was created for a simple reason: we love our city and surrounding suburbs and want to keep our streets as clean as possible.

Residential and commercial wheelie bins get a lot of love, but they don’t often get the deep, high-grade clean they need. That’s why at Wheelie Clean Bins, it’s our mission to provide an affordable, professional and effective wheelie bin cleaning service to both residential and commercial clients in the Darwin and Palmerston area.

We also work closely with local organisations involved in waste management. Did you know bin cleaning services are fully backed by the council who endorse and recommend keeping bins and streets clean? Well, now you know!

Why Choose Us?

Why should you use our services? Good question. The thing is, as we mentioned before, wheelie bins get a lot of use, both commercially and in residential areas. If they’re not hygienically cleaned and sanitised, over time, they become a breeding ground for bacteria, germs and pests like flies and maggots. You don’t want vermin making a home for themselves near your home or workplace, right? Of course not, which is why it’s vital you regularly clean your wheelie bins.

However, cleaning your bins is a time-consuming job (not to mention it’s not the most pleasant of tasks). At Wheelie Clean Bins, we take away the hassle of cleaning your wheelie bins in a way that gives your bins a fast, effective and high-grade clean that won’t harm the environment. Using only biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning products, our self-contained specialised vehicle will leave your bins clean, sanitised and deodorised in as little time possible.

How it Works

How does the whole process work? It’s simple. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  1. We carry our own water to your bin site, which is heated via our specialised machine and filled with biodegradable cleaning product.

  2. We high pressure-spray your bins, which acts like a scrubbing device and deeply cleans the inside of your bin.

  3. The water is then removed from your bin and recycled back into our machine.

  4. We then deodorise and sanitise your bin, which helps kill off remaining bacteria and pests.

  5. Your bins are then disinfected, sanitised again and any excess water mopped up.

Best of all? Our wheelie bin cleaning service is quick, effective, and if possible, we’ll even put your bins back to where they’re kept, and spray out the bin area too.

Now that’s what we call wheelie good service.